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The EuroCup is back and is bigger than before. SuperLock proudly presents one of their favourite event brands as a 2017 edition. This time as a 2 night event in Barcelona in cooperation with the local King Messenger, who made us aware about the growing potential that the dancehall scene in Barcelona has and that its about time to build a premium event there for the summer. So here comes the EuroCup weekend with a „Juggling“ night which will be on Friday the 21st of July in of the hottest clubs in the city called @Sala Upload. Also there will be the main event, the EuroCup „Clash“, on Saturday, July 22nd.

Some of you might remember that the concept of the EC is too put spotlight on some sounds that have the right talent to clash on a international level but might be not fully registered all over the scene yet. We invited some of those sounds to the Yaam in Berlin before to make their name up in the EC after we experienced their talent on tour with a artist or while juggling our own sounds Supersonic and City Lock. Some sounds are veterans in their region but were not clashing for a while so we felt that some younger clash fans needed to find out about them and so we conivinced them to step back on the battlefield. Other sounds were active and loud but we still felt that they deserved a broader spotlight and in some cases we just wanted to invite a sound to build a bridge to the country where they come from because that country eventually didn’t have a big soundclash scene yet.

For the EC 2017 edition we picked 4 sounds who all come with a very own strength and all of them won a couple of clashes before which makes this whole clash even more interesting and it means you can expect some nice dubplate collections and a lot of experience from all sounds because this will be a big win and therefore everybody will go extra hard.

IRIE SOUND – the Austrian Champion from STP/Vienna was founded in 2006 and is another top killer who will go hard for another win for the great killing record that they have so far. This sound is very active, loud and playing many clashes in the last years most times they left the battlefield victorious when they killed other sounds that are highly rated in the fraternity. They absolutley ready to kick in the door for more international recognition which they deserve and they will bring a box that is very updated due other recent challenges. Also they will go hard to defend their title as the Austrian Champion who is bringing home the trophies so far because Austrian sounds are on the rise big time that means the competition is not sleeping.

SENSI MOVEMENT - Germany’s most Blunted Sound since 2003 will fly in from Berlin to go for EC trophy as they collected other trophies before. They are the sound who started the dancehall scene in Chemnitz which is now one of Germany’s dancehall capitals for sure. Their regular dance „Dutty Wine“ is the biggest in their region and passed more then 120 ediotions. So its safe to say that they gonna bring tons of experience and a big, old and very interesting dubplate box which is full of specials and surely gained from some tours they did with artists like elephant man or konshens or from the artists mixtapes they did for i-octane and bramma for example.

SICILY REBELLIOUS alias the Godfada Sound was also born in 2003 and as the name points out, they will come all the way from the very south of Europe to represent Italy in this musical war. We know that this sound is a big dubplate addict who clashed and won a couple of times and is very hungry as always to get a next win on their belt. They not only have the right munition but also the right experience to play on hi powa speakers for a huge crowd because they are the resident of the pata pata club which ist he biggest of their region where they played many dances on their own 10k watt soundsystem.

HILIGHT from Barcelona is the local hero and will show what sounds from their country can do. As its written above, the dancehall in their region is on the rise and its about time to let the rest of world know about it big time! That sound exists since 2007 and is the youngest sound in the line up. In these years they won numerous trophies in numerous clashes which makes it even more overdue for all clash fans who didn’t listen to spanish clashes before to check them out in this international soundclash.

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